Creative Work Studio AI.X


Life should be full of color and dreams! Producer AI.X

 The aim of the company AI.X and craftman Aija Ozola is to increase the interest in people of different countries and nationalities about products made in Latvia, as well as to build a production unit of exclusive products.      

     There offers textiles and souvenirs: 1)hammock chair for décor and relax, for home and garden; 2)hammock cradles for baby; 3)for children - jackets, waistcoats, sets, bathrobes and pillows with appliqués; 4)as souvenirs- with handmade unique plafond, which make products extraordinary and unorthodox but in the same time applicable for home needs. Hand made.

       Products provide: comfort handy usage and easy maintenance, funny and cheerful mood.

           Advantages that may be offered to potential partners hammock chair "Solo" option is a new product in the world market is made relatively recently (only about 30 years). Manufacture of durable tapestry or natural materials (cotton, linen), They are made in different colors, different tastes. Handmade, allowing each to create different products. Hammock -rocking chair complements the interior spaces of the garden, recreation site a convivial atmosphere.